2016 PhD Students’ Conference

The 2016 PhD Conference was held at 11am – 3.30pm in Room MC301 at the City Campus on Friday 9th September.

It was excellently organised by my friend Isi Agdoaye.

I presented a paper on my Collaborative Calligraphy performance piece and its relation to my wider research questions (see abstract below). It was well received and was followed by some interesting questions from the audience. Details of the other presentations – all interesting – can be seen in the Conference Schedule. I will be attending a Music Performance Conference on Wednesday 15th September at the Walsall Campus as I really enjoyed meeting other practice-led researchers and exchanging perspectives and ideas.


This paper will present and discuss a recent performance work by Roland Buckingham-Hsiao (in collaboration with Taiwanese artist Chou, Cheng-Yu, 周政宇). The work performed in Taiwan in April this year, dealt with the possibility of collaoratively written script, the similarities and differences of east and western visual composition and performance writing theory as applied to Chinese calligraphy. The performance will be situated within the wider research questions which involve the western reception of Chinese script, notions of unreadability in written script, theories of “asemic” writing, the possibilities of non-symbolic communication in Chinese calligraphy – in Charles Sanders Pierce’s terms, iconic and indexical signification, the position of the calligrapher as the origin of meaning as opposed to language as a social structure in Saussure and Wittgenstein and notions of hybrid scripts.


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