Recent Visual Poem Publications

Between leaving the University of Wolverhampton and starting at the University of Sunderland I made a series of "Visual Poems" from photographs previously taken with a Holga camera while traveling in the Far East. They were a product of the research I undertook at Wolverhampton into Eastern aesthetic principles and traditions of representation, and word-image relationships... Continue Reading →


Recent Chinese Calligraphy (道德經)

The Dao De Jing (道德經) is a fundamental Daoist text. It dates from at least 4th century BCE and its authorship is usually ascribed to Lao Tzu (老子). Roughly it translates as "The Book of the Way of Virtue”. It is only about 5000 characters long and was probably originally written in seal script (zhuan shu,... Continue Reading →

Binary Oppositions and Calligraphy

As part of my research into the possibilities of East – West cultural exchange in written language I have been investigating the different ways binary oppositions are conceived in Eastern and Western thought (see my previous post on the Tai Chi diagram). This idea of interconnected opposites is particularly important to Daoism, which has formed... Continue Reading →

The Tai Chi diagram (Yin Yang symbol).

During the course of my research into performance and language I have been investigating the differences and similarities between Eastern and Western conceptions of difference, particularly in its clearest expression - binary opposition (black / white, presence / absence, etc.). In the East binary oppositions are represented most famously in the Tai Chi diagram (Tai... Continue Reading →

Recent calligraphic practise

I have been concentrating on research recently but still practise calligraphy every night. Below are recent examples of zhuan shu (篆書) and Kai shu (楷書). I have also dabbled in Bangla calligraphy; I was taught by a Bangladeshi student in Wolverhampton.  And finally I have created some more asemic collages; similar to previous ones but... Continue Reading →

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